David W. Greenlee, Visual Artist & Creator, GiVA, LLC

Our goal is to delight our customers and our audiences with the very best in work and services at each step in process and end product or service.

Please email text or call for commissioned artwork drawing, and painting.

Love Local & Think Global

Great Folks & Good Stories is a channel on YT Shorts, Reels, and TikTok.

We help you tell or share your story whether for awareness, or marketing and sales locally and globally with video on our channel.
Go where your customers are, mobile short form videos on YT Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.
Your customers/audience are watching mobile short form video.
73% of all content views on mobile devices is short form video.
It is the most compelling opportunity to get your message out to your customers/audience.
Great Folks & Good Stories is ONE channel on three platforms*.
Incredible growth since July 1, 2023 nearly 300k plus views (4/1/2024).
Our target is over a million views in the next twelve months (April 2024 to 2025).
Very affordable and scalable to build lasting relationships with your audience and customers.
62.3% of visitors watch our videos.
*Includes production, posting and providing metrics of views and length of views. We do stories for no cost and can be engaged for remuneration. Videos are 10 to 60 seconds (sometimes more) in length and vertical format.


“The Great Folks of Champaign County: Andy Detwiler’s Story”

Only 37 Books left $29.95 plus shipping (Click on image to order)

At two and a half years old Andy Detwiler had his arms ripped from him in a farm accident. His life story is awe inspiring and stunning. 100 illustrations and 100 pages of his story the only authorized biography and more.

“I received your book Andy Detwiler’s story today. I am not a avid reader and did not have the pleasure of meeting Andy but loved his videos and still do not miss one. I cannot begin to express how much I enjoyed the book. When I came home from work and opened the package I began to read it and did not put it down until I read it cover to cover. You have a gift from the Lord as Andy did. I hope you use it to inspire others to follow their hearts.”

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the Book today and it is fantastic. Many Thanks for creating this wonderful compilation of Art and creating a wonderful legacy of Andy and his Life.” 

Or by local pickup at 119 East Court Street, Urbana, Ohio, USA by appointment.

See his videos on the Harmless Farmer

$30.00 plus shipping “Last breath” is a digital painting (click on image to add to cart)

“Last Breath” created as part of a digital painting for a police sergeant by his wife as a birthday gift. After the painting was delivered I decided to post on FB and was asked to provide prints.

Click on picture to purchase 8×10 inch image printed on gloss photocard that is UV stable. I like to ship USPS Priority mail and it will take about a week to print and ship. Please reach out if you have a commission request for any artwork. I have excellent references and 40 years of experience.

GO WHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE. 80% of mobile device traffic is short form (vertical) video and people are spending 19 hours a week

David Greenlee., Author Creator & Visual Artist with Maria & Duncan Greenlee and a cast of thousands.
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      Good Morning,

      I just saw this note. Thank you.

      Dave Greenlee

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