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LOVE LOCAL THINK GLOBAL Great Folks & Good Stories is a channel on YT Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok. Original simple quick short videos that get viewed, on a reliable channel. We help you tell or share your story whether for awareness, or marketing and sales locally and globally with video on our channel. Go…

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Great Folks & Good Stories is a channel on YT Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.

Original simple quick short videos that get viewed, on a reliable channel.

We help you tell or share your story whether for awareness, or marketing and sales locally and globally with video on our channel.

Go where your customers are, mobile short form videos on YT Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.
Your customers/audience are watching mobile short form video.
73% of all content views on mobile devices are short form video.
It is the most compelling opportunity to get your message out to your customers/audience.
Great Folks & Good Stories is ONE channel on three platforms quickly.
Incredible growth since July 1, 2023 nearly 300k plus views (4/1/2024).
Our target is over a million views in the next twelve months (April 2024 to 2025).
Very affordable and scalable to build lasting relationships.
62.3% of visitors watch our videos.

*Includes production, posting and providing metrics of views and length of views. Videos are 10 to 60 seconds (sometimes more) in length and vertical format.

We have three options:

  1. Ready, to get you started for a very reasonable cost. 1 minute of video that will secure 1,000 views for a $200. The 1 minute can be broken into 4 shorter pieces and posted across the three platforms for the best visibility and effectiveness.
  2. Start, an intermediate approach that will expand your message for not much more money. 2 minutes of video that will secure 2,000 views for $395.
  3. Go, will deliver the most consistent and reliable message with 3,000 views minimum, from 3 minutes of video again broken into smaller pieces.

We can make longer videos but only for YouTube and TikTok. Pricing based on quote.

Lessons Learned from Testing

  • Posting regularly is key, daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the results needed.
  • A person that can communicate reasonably well is a plus to represent your message but not critical.
  • Keep it simple with a strong hook, good story and solid visuals.
  • Measuring analytics encouraging and responding to comments is important. We are building relationships with customers an the audience based on trust.

All our customers and our testing have had significantly more views than guaranteed. We have excellent references and strong data to support our services. Videos are for the most part a subset of 60 seconds or less which is effective for short form videos. 15 to 30 second videos are the best approach and distributed across the three platforms.

Tags and hashtags are reasonably effective for securing an audience over time along with the focus of your subject matter along with cross posting on your entities social media to leverage good attention to your message purpose.

How would your business like 3,000 potential customers seeing your information in the next month? Expensive and hard; nope! The platform Great Folks and Good Stories can help? We can create and post your short form video content quickly and provide analytics to show people are viewing your info.

This is truly a completely new advertising model that will bring tremendous success for much less cost. Analytics is key to success for using the video model with Great Folks, and Good Stories. 60% percent local and the balance global views.

This effort is new to local media outlets. But has already been proven from local/global testing a method to aggregate lots of high-quality views for the audience, customers of our business supporters for very low cost. The format is devoted to mobile devices (vertical short from videos) as the predominant output. These videos can be created by the audience, stakeholders, sponsors, or from many sources.

Video is highly effective for quick engagement with customers and audiences if there is consistency, a good story for the viewer, and we use the analytics available. Short form vertical format is by far the predominant tool to reach an audience quickly on social media and enhance a relationship. And local platforms that engage your audience both locally and globally are the best venues to support your existing online presence. The average user now watches 19 hours of video content every week. Short form vertical format (mobile phone) is seeing the growth with 80% of all mobile data traffic from this short form format this year. That is where your customer and audience are going.

Instagram Reels is more likely to have local views. Format is also a little different. Easy to share on Facebook.
TikTok is easiest to post to with tools built in to encourage traffic. Also fastest growing audience. Security is a concern for ALL social media with care needed to
keep personal info personal.
YouTube Shorts is the longer staying and slower growing property. More complex than either about to work with but is married with long plays which is great for
more in depth 

Content Guide 
On Great Folks and Good Stories, the channel’s purpose is to tell authentic stories of a community of people who care about timeless values, in their families, community, work, and their play in a wholesome positive way. We are entering the age of the authentic. Great average people are all around us with stories. Information is the currency of our age.
that inspire, instruct, and share their perseverance. The bombastic period of toxic nonsense pushing people’s emotional buttons is ending. People are wise and tired of the negativity. We are a positive counterpoint of thrilling normalcy, compelling common sense, and integrity of purpose.

How We Work

Once we have your commitment, we will reach out on the next business day to schedule a face to face if local (40-mile radius of Urbana, Ohio, USA). If not, local we will schedule a Zoom/Skype session. Travel is fine; however we will require additional travel funds from the US to schedule a face to face and complete any video onsite that may be part of completion of work.

As a program manager for many years, we have a defined process we use as a baseline for work. Steps:

  1. Initial interview and strategy/purpose of your video(s).
    1. Establish timeline.
    2. Contact Information
    3. Basic story board and script
  2. Execute production and post with authorization of customer.
    1. Track views and data.
    2. Integrate lessons learned into the next tranche of communications.

Thank you! If you have questions, please reach out. DM or email or call 937 631 4829.

IMAGINE, 3,644 people viewed four of your short videos because they wanted and needed to. And 67.9% of those 3,644 people watched start to finish over the first two days after posting.

Teabaggers Café spent $150.00 for me to create 4 short videos. We planned and ­shot for 37 minutes with two iPhones. I then edited these videos in 51 minutes and posted them on the channel Great Folks & Good Stories* for about eight hours of total audience view time for those four videos which were 94 seconds in total length.

SEW Views
YT Long 6,076
YT Short 18,005
Inst Reel 5,051
TT Short 3,007
TT Story 1164
SEW Total 33,303

IMAGINE, 33K people viewed Springfield Engine Works videos over three months for $600. We posted 12 short form videos and 3 long form videos and had 64% view most if not all the videos.

IT WORKS! These customers are delighted and will be happy to provide reference.